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Sustainable and ethical
printed clothing

Sustainable custom clothing for your company or association

The fabric cotton is the biggest polluting crop that exists in the world. Are you willing to make a change? Stricters wants to help your organization to print you custom clothing in a sustainable way. We offer clothing of high quality for a fair price. We offer a very wide range of different items, sizes and colors. We can both print or embroider your custom clothing.

Icoon geld

High quality, fair prices

Ethical and sustainable production

Fast delivery

Design your own clothing

icoon tak met blaadjes en een hand

Organic cotton and recycled polyester

Icoon geld

Produced under fair working conditions

Icoon hart

CO2-compensation and rainforest protection

Design your own custom clothes!

What do we sell?

Available in 49 colors
T-shirt ladies
Available in 40 colors
Available in 24 colors
Crew neck
Available in 23 colors
Available in 29 colors
Available in 3 colors
Long sleeves
Available in 7 colors
Available in 9 colors
Groene beanie
Available in 9 colors
We would like to think along with your organization if you have any specific wishes outside of our assortment. Please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you choose for our sustainable clothing, you choose for organic or recycled fabrics. At the production of these materials, there is a lot less CO2-emission and water consumption and soil pollution are combated. We compensate for the CO2 that we cannot prevent from happening. Verder zorg je wanneer je voor ons kiest ervoor dat alle arbeiders in de productieketen eerlijk beloond worden en onder veilige omstandigheden kunnen werken. Lastly, for every 10 euros spent on our clothing, we ensure that 2,5m2 endangered rainforest is protected.

Yes. The fashion industry is the second largest polluting industry in the world. The fabric cotton is the biggest polluting crop that exists in the world. While cotton only takes up 3% of all the farmland in the world, a quarter of all chemical pesticides worldwide are used for this crop alone. Those toxic chemicals are not only detrimental to nature, but also very dangerous for farmers who work with cotton. Organic cotton is making a change in this. It only uses safe and natural pesticides. There are many more negative effects of the ‘regular’ fashion industry. In our blog about the impact of the fashion industry, you can read much more about it.

To produce sustainable and ethical clothing, we need to make extra costs compared to not-sustainable clothing. Yet we are a very affordable alternative to non-sustainable parties. We know that for students the budget plays an important role in making a choice. What the actual price is, depends on different factors and on your specific wishes. We are eager to think along with your organization to create a cost effective result. Do you want to know which price we can offer you? We would love to make a quote for you, so you check if we are a good option for you. Please contact us via the contact form at the bottom of this page.

The prices for organizations are not comparable with the prices used in our clothing webshop Because organization order many more items at once, the price decreases enormously. In addition, we make fewer costs for returns and customer service, for example. All this means that a sustainable and fair choice is feasible for all organizations.

We try to ensure that every aspect of our custom clothes are as ethical and sustainable as possible. All our products are made of organic cotton and/or recycled polysters. These are GOTS certified. The factory in which our garments are produced is a place with safe working conditions, where workers earn a fair wage. This is checked by The Fair Wear Foundation. Also the printing and the embroidering of clothes happens in an ethical and sustainable way. Even the labels are GOTS certified organic cotton.

Our clothes are produced in Bangladesh, where there is strict monitoring on safe working conditions by The Fair Wear Foundation. You might think: Why a low-wage country like Bangladesh? Well, we believe it’s important that the problem must be tackled at the core. Thus, we consciously choose low-wage countries as Bangladesh. Then more employment can be created in those places and we can transition towards humane working conditions. The printing and embroidery happens in West-Europe.

Every aspect of our production is as ethical and sustainable as possible. That’s why we work with independent partners that are strictly verified and certified. Our fabrics are GOTS, OEKO TEX 100 and Fair Wear certified. At our certifications page you can find more information about the way those certifications work.

In the Netherlands, our delivery time is approximately three weeks. That will be after we received the payment from your organization and we received all your files for the prints. If there is an urgent need for your order, we can think along to come to a solution. Please contact us about this!

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