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Fair and sustainable club clothing for every student

It is our mission to make fair and sustainable club clothing available to everyone, including student associations. Are you willing to make a change? Stricters wants to help your organization to make the step towards sustainable custom clothing. We offer a wide range of different items, sizes, colors and print or embroider options.

Icoon geld

High quality, fair prices

Sustainable clothing

Fast delivery

Design your own clothing

icoon tak met blaadjes en een hand

Organic cotton and recycled polyester

Icoon geld

Produced under fair working conditions

Icoon hart

CO2-compensation and rainforest protection

At Stricters you can print or embroider sustainable clothing in many different sizes and colours.

With us it is possible to have your sustainable club clothing printed or embroidered. You can add for example your company logo, texts, or illustrations. Choose from printed custom t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, vests or long sleeves.

What do we sell?


Lichtblauw t-shirt voorkant

Available in 49 colors


Donkerblauwe crewneck voorkant

Available in 23 colors

T-shirt ladies

lichtroze dames t-shirt voorkant

Available in 40 colors


donkergroene hoodie voorkant
Available in 29 colors


Grijze joggingsbroek voorkant

Available in 3 colors


Bordeaux rode longsleeve voorkant

Available in 7 colors


Blauw vest voorkant

Available in 9 colors

We would like to think along with your association if you have any wishes outside of our assortment.

Frequently Asked Questions

All our clothing is made of organic cotton and/or recycled polyester (GOTS certified). These materials cause a lot less water consumption and soil pollution and have lower CO2 emissions than regular materials. Not only the fabric, but also the printing, the labels, the packages and the tape are produced sustainably. Unfortunately, we cannot prevent all emissions in the production and transport process. That is why those emissions are compensated. In addition, we consciously choose that workers in the production chain are fairly rewarded and can work under safe working conditions (checked by The Fair Wear Foundation). Also, for every 10 euros spent, 2.5m2 of endangered rainforest is protected.

Did you know that the clothing industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world? Cotton is the most polluting crop worldwide. This is because a quarter of all pesticides worldwide are used for cotton, while cotton only takes up 3% of the total agricultural land! These pesticides are not only disastrous for nature, but also carcinogenic for farmers who work with them.

Organic cotton works differently. Only natural pesticides may be used for this. Are you curious about other negative effects of the “regular” clothing industry? Read our extensive blog about the impact of the clothing industry.

In order to be able to produce fair and sustainable association clothing, some extra costs have to be incurred. Nevertheless, we can say that we can offer a good affordable alternative compared to non-sustainable parties. We understand that the budget plays an important role for students in making a choice. We would be happy to discuss with you how we can find such a cost-effective solution. We will then prepare a customized offer based on your wishes. From experience we can say that we can offer an equivalent price to non-sustainable alternatives, up to a maximum of 25% more expensive.

The prices we offer for associations are NOT comparable with the prices you will find in our webshop For associations, we can order many more items in one go, which reduces the price enormously. In addition, we do not have to incur costs for aspects such as returns and customer service. This ensures that a sustainable and fair choice is also feasible for your association!

All our clothing is produced as honestly and sustainably as possible. The fabrics are made of organic cotton and/or recycled polyester (GOTS certified). Good working conditions are provided in the factories where the clothing is produced. Fair wages, safe workplaces and freedom of association are guaranteed by The Fair Wear Foundation. Forced labor and child labor are strictly prohibited. The printing and embroidery of the clothing for your association is also done in the most sustainable way possible. The labels on the clothing are made of GOTS certified organic cotton.

Our sustainable club clothing is made in factories in Bangladesh where working conditions are closely monitored by The Fair Wear foundation. We find it important that the problem is tackled at the core, which is why we consciously choose low-wage countries. In this way we ensure that employment remains there and at the same time we can improve working conditions. In this way we contribute to a transition to humane working conditions, also in other places in the world.

Printing and embroidery is carried out in Western Europe.

Stricters strives to produce sustainably and fairly in every detail. From sustainable textiles, to sustainable printing and to sustainable packaging. You can be sure that our clothing is really sustainable and really fair, because our textiles are checked by GOTS, OEKO TEX 100 and The Fair Wear Foundation. The labels on our clothing are also GOTS certified. You can find more information about the certifications we use for our apparel at

In the Netherlands, our delivery time is approximately three weeks. This is after we have received all files from your association and the deposit has been made. We are happy to think along with you if your order is urgent. Please contact us if so!

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Make your association clothing sustainable!
  • It’s our mission to make ethical and sustainable clothing easily accessible for anyone!
  • Making association clothing sustainable is one of the top priorities of Stricters!
  • Wij bieden de scherpste prijzen voor eerlijke en duurzame kleding. We offer high quality clothing for a fair price. Deze kleding is altijd iets duurder, maar we zijn competitief en leveren aan duizenden studenten door heel het land.
  • Stricters biedt de beste kwaliteit op het gebied van verenigingskleding.
  • We hebben een ruim assortiment, kleuren, maten & druk- en borduurmogelijkheden.
  • Er kan binnen 2 weken worden geleverd.
Design your own clothing
  • Alle textiel is gemaakt van Biologisch katoen en van gerecycled polyester (GOTS gecertificeerd).
  • De truien zijn onder eerlijke werkomstandigheden geproduceerd (GOTS en FairWear gecertificeerd).
  • De CO2 uitstoot van productie en transport wordt door ons gecompenseerd.
  • Voor elke uitgegeven euro beschermen we 0,25 vierkante meter bedreigd regenwoud.
  • De producten worden bedrukt op basis van zeefdruk in een fabriek in West-Europa die werkt met de meest duurzame druktechnieken.

Extra informatie

Geef in je bericht a.u.b. het volgende aan:

  • De kledingsoort;
  • De kleur;
  • Het aantal kledingstukken;
  • Unisex, dames of heren;
  • Bedrukken of borduren;
  • Het aantal bedrukkingen of borduursels;
  • De kleuren van de bedrukkingen of borduursels.

Contractgegevens Stricters:

Telephone: 085-06 02 060