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Our story

What do we do?

Stricters is a clothing webshop that is sustainable down to the smallest detail. We believe that it is very important that the production of the clothes we wear has a positive impact on the environment and is produced under fair working conditions. That is why we only sell clothes that are made from organic fabrics and are ethically made. We are committed to change the fashion industry and at the same time to help you make the step towards an ethical clothing style.

What is our motivation?

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world. Next to that, the working conditions of factory workers are most of the time inhumane. We believe this industry needs change.

That is why we want to make affordable sustainable clothing more accessible for anyone who wants to shop ethically. Hence, the webshop you’re currently looking at. It is Stricters mission to make ethical and sustainable clothing easily available for anyone. In that way we can do our bit in changing the fashion industry. By compensating our CO2-emission, we invest in projects that protect nature. We stand up for a fairer and cleaner world. A world in which factory workers have the rights they deserve and where cotton can be produced without the use of detrimental chemicals.

Who are we?

There is a passionate team behind Stricters that works hard towards an ethical fashion industry. At the end of 2019 Stricters went live, with the goal of bringing different sustainable clothing brands together in one webshop. Today, Stricters has grown to a webshop that only sells its own brand. This way, we can ensure that the products we sell are completely sustainable, of high quality and affordable for anyone. We’re doing this for both consumers and companies or associations.

A very enthusiastic team is now working daily to achieve the mission of Stricters: a cleaner fashion industry, by making ethical and sustainable clothing better accessible for anyone.

Want to know more about us? Please contact us!

What do we sell?

Stricters sells clothing of high quality, for a fair price. A sustainable fashion industry starts with consumers who are willing to make the step to shopping sustainably. That is only possible when they have good options. That is exactly our mission: making sustainable clothing better accessible to you.

In our webshop you can find clothing of high quality for a fair price. Our t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, vests and long sleeves are timeless and thus go with every season of the year. The most important thing: they are sustainable and ethical to the smallest detail.